Moffat Beach

On the weekend Sharon and I went to Moffat Beach after checking out the Caloundra Markets … and it was windy.  It was so wild even the sea birds were grounded and the sea swells closed the beaches.

I had my camera so I fitted a dark filter (9 stop) to see if that would calm the waters.  It worked, sort of.  Check the images in the post to see if it made a difference.  I think if I had my polariser with me the combination would have truly flattened the swell.  Next time…

An afternoon in Noosa

Over Easter I had the pleasure of enjoying the late afternoon beach ambience in Noosa as the sun was heading for the western horizon.  The balmy air was still, the light golden and the beach still crowded. The sea was warm and the gentle waves regular.   In Hastings Street the restaurants were preparing for dinner.  Then the setting sun sent a rich glow over the Noosa River.

I just had to get some images to remember these moments.