Flying High

I’ve never flown in a light plane before, so when offered the chance to take 2 flights in a Cessna 175 last weekend I had to grab it with both hands.  Actually I grabbed it with one hand since the other was around my Nikon.

The first flight was from Redcliffe to Kilcoy, traveling at about 500 metres (1500 feet) on a perfect winter’s morning around low mountains, over farms and along the Stanley River.  Then a couple of hours later we flew out over the waters of Lake Somerset and got fantastic views of water coming out of the Somerset Dam.

The post includes some shots that not only show the landscape from 500 metres but also illustrate abstract patterns that are only visible on land and water when viewed from an altitude.  Taking the photographs through the plane’s windows had it challenges, but nothing took away the exhileration of seeing, and capturing images of the world below.

I hope some of this is communicated in the photos.